Letter: Huffman easily most qualified

I trust you are all familiar with those omnipresent Law and Order shows and the narrated beginning which tell us, “In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate but equally important groups — the police, who investigate crimes; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories”….

Well don’t forget, there is also a third, and equally important, group called judges who are meant to be a separate piece of the puzzle. I would hope we are all familiar with the woman with the blindfold known as Lady Justice?

Which is why it is concerning to me that when you look at Facebook or other social media sites, there are certain law enforcement representatives who are so enthusiastic about one judicial candidate. Is there a reason for this? Is the blindfold being pulled back just a bit? It is for this reason that I support Larry Huffman for Common Pleas Court Judge. He is easily the most qualified and the most independent candidate.

Ron Williams, Lima

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