Letter: Kohlrieser solid on law, ethics

Recently in the race for common pleas court judge there have been a number of letters submitted to the editor that have contained, in part, misleading information in the name of politics. The choice for the next common pleas court judge should be based on the experience required for the job and who is best suited to fill the position.

That person is Terri Kohlrieser. Here’s why:

• Education: Terri Kohlrieser has excelled at every level of learning. She graduated with honors at or near the top of her class in high school, college and law school. That achievement is particularly impressive considering she worked nearly full-time throughout in order to fund her education.

• Experience: In her private practice Terri handled a wide range of civil cases. During her five years of work experience prior to joining the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office, Terri reviewed criminal and civil legal issues for both trial and appellate court judges. At the Court of Appeals she reviewed cases filed in a 17-county district, making sure no legal errors were made. In fact, she reviewed cases that came from the very court to which she now seeks to be elected judge. For more than a decade, Terri Kohlrieser has successfully prosecuted hundreds of violent criminals and represented Allen County in numerous civil matters as well.

•Ethics: Unlike all other attorneys, prosecutors are charged by law not simply to win, they are sworn to seek justice. Terri will certainly have no trouble being firm, fair and unbiased as a judge.

It is unequivocally in the best interest of our community to vote for Terri Kohlrieser for Common Pleas Court Judge.

Juergen A. Waldick, Allen County Prosecutor

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