Letter: Cordray stands on record of integrity

As a veteran I am proud of the work the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has done under the leadership of Richard Cordray. He went to battle for those military consumers as a sounding board and to make a point to serve their needs.

The CFPB has assisted thousands of veterans in cutting through red tape when dealing with their financial institutions, The complaints show many service members, veterans, and their families were not getting the protections accorded to them by federal laws and that raises concern. That report covered more than 14,000 complaints from service members, veterans, and their families received by the CFPB from July 21, 2011 through February 1, 2014.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has recovered millions of dollars for service members, veterans, and families who complained to the Bureau about financial products or services. It has provided protections for those who may have been taken advantage of.

Whatever office Richard Cordray has held, he has brought honesty and integrity in representing those it served. I believe Richard Cordray to be the best candidate as the Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor.

Courtney Gaiter, Lima

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