Letter: The facts about St. Marys’ schools

There has been misleading information distributed throughout the community regarding the St. Marys City Schools 1.5 percent Earned Income Tax Levy. We ask that you look at the facts and make an educated decision on Election Day. The Board of Education does not want to increase the tax burden on our fellow residents; however, the cost for operating our schools continues to increase while the local revenues have remained flat since 2004.

The following are quotes from a past board member, Bob Valentine, at the Oct. 11, 2017, Board of Education meeting after reviewing the District’s 5 Year Financial Forecast:

• “We will be short funds by 2020.”

• “Hope to pass renewal levy, but we are still going to have that burden because we will still fall short even with the renewal. That will help us tremendously, but it will not crack the nut. We are going to have to have more money by 2020, now that is less than two years from now. So, there is a need for this school to do what is necessary, especially in securing the confidence of the public that votes and for any new levies which we desperately need, unless we cut services that I think nobody would want.”

• “I remember back in 2004 I was at these meetings and I remember the superintendent at the time was so pleased that we were able to go for 10 years without an increase. Now we have gone 14 years and counting. So there has been good fiscal responsibility on the part of the school board.”

This levy is not to add staff, build stadiums, or provide immense raise increases. Vote “yes” in support of the 1.5 percent earned income tax levy because you value the educational programs and personnel currently in St. Marys City Schools.

Karl Dammeyer, president St. Marys Board of Education

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