Letter: Great opportunity for Elida schools

When a family is looking for a new home because they have outgrown their current residence, they want an updated, well-maintained structure in a safe neighborhood with an excellent school district. They have a budget when they find the house of their dreams and are concerned with their mortgage. Then their Realtor offers to pay half of the cost of their home. The family is thrilled. What a deal!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime that Elida residents are facing at the voting booth. They can vote to build the school of their dreams for half the building price. What a deal!

I am retired and on a limited budget. I know a deal when it is offered. Yes, it will cost more in tax dollars, but look what Elida residents get in return:

• Their property value remains high.

• The resale value of their home stays high.

• Having an excellent school system with state-of-the-art buildings attracts families to our area.

• Young graduates want to apply to teach in our school system.

Voting “yes” for the Elida levy is a win, win, win situation for all of us who own property in Elida. What a deal!

Sarah Oleson, Elida

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