Letter: Waiting would be costly for Elida

On Tuesday our community will have the opportunity to vote for the bond issue for the new Elida Elementary School building. We have heard and seen the positive facts such as greater energy efficiency, updated technology, improved drop-off/pick-up/traffic flow, improved air quality, adequate room in each of the schools, increased security, a long list of needed repairs taken care of with a new building. The list goes on and the state pays for more than half!

We all know the negative is that our taxes will increase. However, the other negative is that if we wait our building cost in the future will naturally increase and we will need more than the $17.9 million that it costs now. The state funding will not increase with inflation.

We have three children who attend Elida, two in the elementary — a first grader and a third grader. We have been blessed for them to have such great teachers and early success in their education at Elida. Our school systems are the building blocks of our communities. When we have a strong school system, we have a strong community. Some may not have children or grandchildren in the school, or any ties to the school at all. However, when you see that child riding their bike down the sidewalk, pay the teenager at the local Happy Daz or watch a game on Friday night, remember those kids are our kids, and those kids with our help and support will grow and become successful future leaders, innovators, and role models for generations to come! Vote “yes” on May 8th to keep our community strong & thriving!

Ethan and Lindsey Bollenbacher, Elida

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