Letter: Sheriffs back Jon Cross

It is amazing to see the vicious attacks perpetrated on the true, new conservative candidates by the establishment conservatives, through the so called Conservative Alliance PAC. They are pouring thousands of dollars into these untrue advertisements because they do not want to lose control, money and power to someone who would actually represent the people. When you see such attack ads you can be sure that the true conservative candidates are nipping way to close at their heels for comfort. They are threatened and use drastic measures to stop the bleeding.

Many people who have met Jon Cross are very impressed by him because of his truthfulness, honesty, and his ability to get along well with people. He is a pro-life family man. Jon has been endorsed by the three sheriffs from Hancock, Hardin, and Logan Counties, and numerous pro –life organizations and 2nd amendment organizations Jon Cross deserves your vote on May 8.

Susan Thompson, Findlay

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