Letter: Spencer’s record fiscally responsible

I offer my endorsement of Doug Spencer for Auglaize County Commissioner. I taught with Mr. Spencer at Memorial High School. I have had numerous interactions with him as a member of Wapakoneta City Council. He is a man of action and integrity. His 12 year record of success is one we would do well to continue in our county.

The county is experiencing strong economic growth under his leadership. It has seen the building of Golden Fresh Farms greenhouse, the location selection of a new facility for Pratt Industries, and new plans for the expansion of FlexArm (headquartered in Wapakoneta) as it looks to expand global sales. The county unemployment rate is a remarkably low 2.8 percent of workers.

Taxpayers clamor for government to live within its budget. Mr. Spencer and his fellow commissioners follow that ideal. They exercise fiscal responsibility and plan for long-term projects in the budget. While possibly necessary in times of extenuating circumstance, government borrowing should not be engaged in for the purpose of expediency because interest rates are favorable.

Some candidates give speeches and send talking points literature. Some do, or don’t run on a lower office record, Mr. Spencer can run on a record of success for the office in question. Improvement is a continuous process. In the case of Doug Spencer, it is a process already in motion. I urge voters to join me in choosing to continue that forward motion by voting to re-elect Doug Spencer as Auglaize County Commissioner.

Chad Doll, Wapakoneta

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