Letter: Why Elida Schools are overcrowded

I keep reading one of the reasons Elida needs a new school is because of overcrowding. This has resulted in the need for modular classrooms, which sees the children going in and out in bad weather.

Let me tell you one reason Elida has overcrowding.

Years ago several apartment complexes were built in the area and the Elida School Board had to sign off that they would take the children living there into the school system in order for the apartments to be built. All Elida could see at that time was “dollars per student” coming from the state.

Now the taxpayers can pay again!

I am sure a new building would be great.We have paid taxes to Elida Schools since 1972 and have always backed Elida for many years, but I thought people have the right to know who caused the overcrowding.

Donna Layton, Lima

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