Letter: Issue 1 about fair elections

You can help end partisan gridlock in Washington by voting “yes” on Issue 1 on May 8.

Issue 1 is a ballot initiative that would make it much, much harder for whichever party is in power in the Ohio legislature to “gerrymander” congressional districts—to divide Ohio into districts that strongly favor their own party.

How could passing Issue 1 help prevent partisan gridlock in Congress? Well, gerrymandering creates congressional districts so packed with strong partisans for one party or the other that it is almost impossible for any other candidate to get elected.

That means that representatives do not have to listen to constituents from the other party – or even independents and moderates in their own party! They know their re-election is pretty much guaranteed.

With an opioid epidemic, healthcare challenges, and other issues that affect all Ohioans on the table, we need legislators who can work together to solve problems.

We can help stop partisan gridlock in Congress. Vote “Yes” on Issue 1.

Lisa Robeson, Bluffton

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