Letter: Kohlrieser has vast experience

I met Terri Kohlrieser when I was a first year law school student and was struggling with concepts in a civil law class. Terri was a third-year law student and was the teaching assistant for my civil law class. Terri’s knowledge of civil law and her ability to impart that knowledge assisted me and others to be successful in the class.

Now many years later I have again been fortunate enough to have Terri as a mentor to help with unique law matters that arise in my career as an assistant county prosecutor in the Children Services Division. Terri’s experience as a clerk with the Third District Court of Appeals and later presenting cases to that court have resulted in her being a great source to me in understanding the Appellate process. In addition, when a civil case recently arose in my job with a unique fact pattern and many legal issues, Terri stepped in without hesitation to assist with the case and handle the matters before the Ohio Supreme Court.

Terri Kohlrieser may not have practiced law as long as her opponent in the race for Common Pleas Court Judge, but Terri’s vast experience in the legal field, particularly every day in Allen County Common Pleas Court, combined with her understanding of various types of law and her ability to communicate the same to others makes her the best candidate to become the next Common Pleas Court judge of Allen County. I have no doubt she will uphold the law to the highest degree and serve our community as a fair and respected judge for decades to come.

Mariah Cunningham, Lima

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