Letter: No need for rude lawmaker

My father and mother came from a long line of truthful, hardworking farmers and teachers. Dad always said “If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything.” These words were just some of his wise advice. I am thankful that my parents never had to be in a nursing home.

However, my father-in-law, after many years of Parkinsons and dementia, needed to be placed in a nursing facility. My mother-in-law chose a nearby facility. At that time, Cheryl Buckland was the administrator. Our family found her to be completely lacking in compassion and empathy through her words and actions. At times she was verbally condescending and rude.

My mother-in-law wisely removed him to another facility where he received excellent care.

Voters in Hardin and Hancock counties, please vote Tuesday for the compassionate, caring, pro-life candidate, Jon Cross, as your state representative in the 83rd District.

Wanda Fruth, Findlay

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