Letter: Kohlreiser impressive

As a practicing attorney for 29 years I can honestly say that Allen County has been blessed by having a tradition of outstanding judges that have served the people faithfully and with distinction. In my career, I have had the honor of participating in jury trials with all those that ascended to the Allen County bench and in many other counties throughout Ohio.

In my opinion, Terri Kohlreiser is the only judicial candidate that has training, skill, experience and temperament necessary to carry on that tradition!

While the election of Terri Kohlreiser would certainly be historic since she will be the first female Common Pleas Judge in Allen County history, the real reason to vote for Terri is her selfless dedication to the citizens of our county. While some people may rely on their family history and connections as reason to seek your vote, Terri relies on her experience. Terri has been in the courtroom convicting hardened criminals and seeking justice for victims and their families. Terri’s courtroom accomplishments are well documented. Her years in the courtroom have honed her skills and she has demonstrated her mastery of trial advocacy. One of the most important duties of any judge is the ability walk into a courtroom on day one and conduct a jury trial. Terri Kohlreiser is up to the task! Terri has been a dedicated public servant throughout her career. She will always dispense justice in a fair, impartial, intelligent and well-reasoned manner and she will add luster to the tradition of excellent Allen County judges.

Al Smith, Lima

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