Letter: Disgusted with Elida schools

I’m writing this letter due to the fact that I’m absolutely disgusted with Elida Local Schools and also the school board, especially Joel Megnerink, Darren Shar, and Dave Evans. I attended the school board meeting on April 17th along with many of the community members. We went in support of Basketball Coach Chrissy Billiter and how they aren’t renewing her contract. I watched these young girls go up there and pour their hearts out! I watched every single person go up there and shed tears. I watched these young girls go up there and take the blame for their losses. One girl broke down and said, “I take full responsibility for our losses! Do not blame Coach B, blame me!” While she was saying this statement she has tears streaming down her face.

Well over the majority of the people in Elida wanted Coach B to be renewed. But yet the school board and the administration of Elida Schools did not care nor did they listen to the majority of Elida nor the students!! But yet they want us to listen and care when it comes time for a levy…. no thank you!

Danielle Stein, Lima

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