Letter: Kohlrieser has solid background

In a letter published on April 26, writer Amanda Ross asserts that Terri Kohlrieser, should she be elected Common Pleas judge, would have a conflict of interest because of her decade of experience as chief assistant to the Allen County prosecutor.

This should not be a concern. Many judges, both currently serving and retired, have gained invaluable experience as a prosecutor. They include Judges Jeffrey Reed, Richard Warren, Matt Staley, Rickard Workman and Stephen Shaw. In their courtrooms, justice is dispatched in an impartial and fair manner. Only when a case came before them which had been active in the prosecutor’s office when they served there, were they required to recuse themselves. A prosecutor becoming a judge is not at all uncommon.

Indeed, having to handle a case from the original criminal charge through grand jury, pretrial, and final adjudication gives a lawyer a thorough and complete understanding of the justice system. This is a distinct advantage.

Allen County voters should have no qualms about voting for Terri Kohlrieser; she will be a terrific judge.

Betty Bowers, Lima

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