Letter: Huffman has broad experience

I practiced law in Lima and Allen County for many decades. During the last thirty years of my practice I watched Lawrence A. Huffman develop into one of this area’s best attorneys. I have watched Larry in court representing clients in many civil cases. I know he has also represented defendants at trial in criminal cases.

Maintaining a private practice has allowed him to represent clients in virtually all areas of the civil law including trials for damages, insurance defense work, professional malpractice, commercial litigation, trust litigation and of course divorce litigation.

Experience is important. Diverse experience is more important and is necessary to handle the Common Pleas Court docket. Enthusiasm for and concentration in only one area of the law is not enough.

Of the last six General Division Common Pleas Court Judges elected in Allen County only two spent time as a county prosecutor. In both cases they were part time prosecutors while maintaining their private practice.

A candidate for judge who does not possess the level of broad experience Larry Huffman has shown is not ready to serve as Judge. Join me in electing Lawrence Huffman Allen County’s next Common Pleas Court Judge.

Joseph C. DaPore, Lima

(419) 234 2989

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