Letter: Cut the size, raise the price

I sit here daily and think how bad our world is becoming. There is a movie called “Snowpincer” which we should all watch as it is trying to explain in its own way about the greed of the wealthy and how the poor are treated.

When I go shopping for groceries I see the items have been cut down in size so they can keep more money and we get less.

For years McDonald’s maintained the best for less. Now, the fish sandwich has been cut and the price is ridiculous.

Fifty years ago the Kewpee was outstanding. The patty hung over the edge of the bun. Now it is so thin and sometimes it falls apart and you get pieces of meat on it with a bun that is too big on the top so you cannot even taste it.

Gas stations raise their prices on Thursday because they know people will fill their tanks when paid and the greedy oil companies take advantage of that then on Sunday it goes down.

I could go on and on but I think most of America gets it but no one stands up

If everyone got a couple of containers of gas and for two days no one entered a gas station for gas that would make its mark. So until we all stand up as a whole and stop buying from the corporate hogs nothing will change. Watch “Snowpincer.” It is closer then you think.

Kathleen Burkholder, Lima

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