Letter: Faber active in community

I am supporting Travis Faber for State Representative of the 84th District because he is a truly devoted community member who has made many contributions to our district. I have witnessed time and again his dedication to hard work and commitment to always do the right thing.

Perhaps most importantly, as part of his work as an attorney in Celina, he represents local small business owners and farmers, helping them grow their businesses and defending their interests against state and federal regulators. Travis also serves on the Celina Civil Service Commission and as the Secretary of the Mercer County Bar Association. Finally, he is extremely passionate about his work as a volunteer board member of the Cheryl Ann Group, which assists people with developmental disabilities. I know Travis personally and know that he is passionate about the work he does for his community. He is just the kind of hard-working community member that makes the 84th District the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Please join me in exercising your civic duty by voting for Travis as our next State Representative on May 8.

Laura Becker, Minster

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