Letter: Plan makes sense, support sales tax

I am writing to support the sales tax issue on the May 8 ballot.

By passing this issue it will enable the Allen County commissioners to follow through and update the courthouse into a complete justice center, build a new juvinile detention center, bring most the other county offices now located in the court house into a new administrative office, and provide the county engineer with an updated and efficent facility large enough to hold needed supplies.

I feel that the Allen County commissioners have done a very good job of getting the county out of debt and have laid out a very good plan to take the county into the future and not bury us in debt. I have dealt with the current commissioners as a member of three different veterans organizations who were affected by the closing of Memorial Hall. My dealings with the commissioners have been cordial and positive. I would like to see something done to reopen Memorial Hall, but I do understand where the priorites are at this time.

The fact is that the current commissioners are going to spend a significant amount each year on county infrastructure. I understand that not everyone will be happy with the proposal, but we must keep in mind that studies have shown that at least 25- to 30-percent of the taxes will be collected from those outside of the county who come to the area to shop.

Steve Montgomery, Elida

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