Letter: Time for Putnam County to clean butts

It was great to read the letter from Mary Williamson about how other people were kind enough, and cared enough, to help her clean the litter that people left on her property. I am happy too about Mary’s courage and persistence to keep people from littering.

Around Ottawa and Putnam County, one can see that a lot of people just don’t seem to care about litter or trash unless it is in their own yard or close by (some don’t even mind that). Cigarette butts are especially a problem on the curbs and get washed into the storm drains and into the creeks and rivers. The butts and small pieces of foam, plastic and foil are not only unsightly (to put it mildly), but are a real danger to wildlife. Fish and birds mistake this trash for food and the results are fatal.

People, please take your butts home with you and dispose of them with your other trash in a responsible manner.

My thanks again to Mary Williamson and crew for caring.

Carl E. Westrick, Ottawa

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