Letter: Error made in voter guide

Before each primary and general election, the League of Women Voters of the Lima Area prepares a Voter Guide in order to educate voters regarding the candidates and issues that will be found on the ballot. The candidate information given in the guide comes from two sources:

• Candidates are presented questions prepared by the League. Their answers are submitted electronically and are printed exactly as received along with their qualifications for the office.

• Information regarding candidates running for judicial office comes electronically directly from the statewide resource, Judicial Votes Count. Neither the judicial candidates nor the League are permitted to enter the original information into the guide

In the case of Candidate Kohlrieser, Judicial Votes Count inadvertently listed judicial experience for a different candidate. They apologized and immediately corrected their error. Ms Kohlrieser submitted an accurate account and never claimed to have judicial experience.

She alerted the League of the error immediately upon receiving a copy. The League then proceeded to make every effort to alert the public and correct the error. The Voter Guides containing the erroneous information were immediately pulled from the distribution points and a corrected guide was reprinted. The League of Women Voters prides itself in that every effort is made to present the voting public with nonpartisan and accurate information. We are grateful to Candidate Kohlrieser for alerting us to the error.

Candace L. Newland

President, League of Women Voters of the Lima Area

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