Letter: Time is right for Elida

Why build a new Elementary school?

Will it improve education?

Yes, if students want to learn and their parents, faculty, and our community provide a good learning environment and guidance.

We had three children graduate from Elida, our youngest at the marvelous new high school. The old school was worn out, our families and community have benefited from building it.

Financially, our new elementary is another sound, logical, and responsible community investment.

Our new building needs are pretty cut and dry, visit the library, to appreciate dry.

Aging buildings have a useful lifecycle, our old flat roof and boiler require constant maintenance; as do leaky sewers and water fixtures; outdated wiring; cobbled together technology systems; old windows, poor insulation, budget killing lighting, etc.

Elida student growth required modular classrooms creating movement of students between buildings rain or shine, and young children are at the high school, we have no more room.

Project expectations like the proven high school facility:

• Bigger, energy efficient, air conditioned, two story 136,000 square feet Pre-K-5 Building on the existing site.

• Safer parking, pick up, drop off, bus access.

• Low interest rates, every year we wait adds $1 million from 3- 4-percent annual increasing construction costs.

• Recovering our high school state tax credit of $18.1 Million, we get back half our construction costs.

Public educational methods, operations, and security process requirements are very different from schools we constructed in 1930, 1960, 1990, and especially after 9/11.

Get the facts.

Someone invested in our education, time to pay it forward.

Russ Ramey, Elida

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