Letter: Larry Huffman — next for judge

It makes sense to vote for Larry Huffman as Common Pleas Court judge. He has educated sense, common sense and good sense all.

Huffman has breadth of experience of the two candidates: Admitted to practice in all Ohio courts and agencies, U. S. District Court, and 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In all of the variety of happenings life can bring, wouldn’t you rather a judge with a wide breadth of experience and knowledge over one that does not, should you have to be a part of proceedings?

His opponent, Terri Kohlrieser, is a nice person and competent prosecutor. In fact, she handled a case for me years back; victim of juvenile property damage. She did very well and was nice throughout the process. My support in the election for Huffman is based on experience and his desire to serve the latter part of his law career as a judge.

Larry has 36 years legal practice; providing a wide variety of experiences, cases and courtroom proceedings. Electing Huffman assures judging cases with diverse objectivity. A prosecutor for judge sounds tough on crime; however, laws, statutes, and precedence impact a judge’s abilities and activities. Actual experience of the legal process; understandings of the prosecutorial role with defense attorney’s beliefs affords wide comprehension for both civil and criminal courts.

Respectfully vote Huffman for your Common Pleas Court judge. Kohlrieser can garner more varied experience by time Huffman or others retire; being a solid candidate then. Republicans should like having one at bat and one on deck; easier than a primary. Why would anyone not want the more experienced person for judge? It wouldn’t make any sense at all. Vote for Huffman!

Brian Cheney, Lima

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