Letter: Kudos to the Allen County Commissioners

As we have seen in the last year, when someone is over the target, the Democrats claim fake outrage, claim partisanship, and “…focus on the real lives of real people.” (David Berger, The Lima News, 4/7/18)

It is difficult to understand how a survey created by, distributed by and evaluated by the people in question, could be unbiased and transparent. We are to believe, based on what we are told, “…the election is over. The community has spoken. Let’s move on.”(David Berger, Lima News 4/7/18)

So are we not to question anything?

Again, the county commissioners must be over the target. The negative perception is an accurate base on encounters with departments in the city. They wield the authority and power. Your questions and concerns are answered in a rude condescending matter or ignored all together. This work culture is created from the top down and becomes a cancer.

Kudos goes out to the Allen County Commissioners. It will be interesting to see what the third party evaluation of the Lima/Allen County Building Department concludes. As we look at the successful revitalization of communities around the area and then look at Lima, something is wrong. The answer needs to be found!

All the residents of the city have the right to question the decisions and judgment of any elected official. To think an elected official would make a statement that the election give them carte blanche …is very telling, isn’t it!

LuAnn Lause, Lima

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