Letter: Elida building in bad shape

As a teacher, I knew I wanted our children to attend Elida when I witnessed first-hand the work being done at the school. In 2011, I did my student teaching at Elida Elementary. While I was there I witnessed the passion and dedication of the teachers and staff.

I also witnessed it raining inside the modular classroom I was teaching in. I witnessed students and staff running through the rain and snow to go into the building to use the restroom, go to lunch or to Related Arts classes. The weeks of warm weather are especially hard! When it’s warm outside, the classrooms become unbearable. It’s nearly impossible for any constructive learning to take place in the heat and humidity, but when there are consistent and safe temperatures in a classroom, students can concentrate on learning.

I am currently employed at an area elementary school that recently built a new elementary building. I’ve witnessed first-hand how quality facilities facilitate quality education!

Our oldest child will be starting kindergarten at Elida in the fall. Most of all, my hope and prayer is that the students and staff at Elida Elementary feel the love and support of the community that surrounds them. Please join my husband and I in voting YES for Elida on May 8th.

Monica Donley, Elida

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