Letter: Charged too much to adopt pet

I recently adopted a dog (chihuahua) and immediately fell in love with Stella (now MaeMae) from a hording case. While filling out adoption form I was told told she would be $400.

After filling out final adoption paper work the volunteer said it would be $172. An employee said it would be $400 because she was “full blooded.”

I took her to my local vet and told him how much she cost. He was shocked. He asked if I was given papers verifying that she was full blooded. “No”. He then said he’s aware a vet gives full med. exam after in-take. Neutering, shots Micro chip, ect.. But that does not come close to adoption fee I paid.

Another owner took her chihuahua to the same vet also from a hording case. She was also charged $400, not because he was full blooded; but because he came from a hording case.

I have supported rescue organizations when looking for a dog since 1994. But to be charged almost twice as much is wrong.

Sue Holtz, Delphos

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