Letter: Quite a play, I must say

Encore’s “Seussification of Romeo & Juliet” is a tongue-tying twist on an age-old tale.

You know the story, or you think that you do, of the war-torn lovers so sadly doomed. That is the story that we saw unfold, but it just wasn’t told in the way that is old. Now there are no cats in hats or numbers to sing, and it’s mentioned more than once that this is not a “Seuss Thing”.

And yet there is rhyming and laughter abounds, and could easily be mistaken for how Dr. Seuss sounds.

As they told Shakespeare’s tale of the star-crossed lovers last night, you could tell there were changes, but yet it seemed right.

The kids did a great job, as did directors and crew. And the lighting and sound effects were fantastic too.

They have worked so hard to put on this Seuss type of show and each of them is hoping you’ll be willing to go.

They have given thre chances to come see the play. two are at night, one during the day. It starts at 7:30 pm Friday and Saturday Night, and at 2 pm on Sunday, so they’re hoping you might be willing to come see the version that they are telling that includes no deaths and almost no yelling. How the story’s been altered, you will have to come and see. But to do so is worth it, take it from me.

Jim Patton, Elida

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