Letter: Some live on beans, others feast on shrimp

Do you know there are some people who cannot find a job to support themselves?

I am retired, but it makes me sick that Ohio gives $190 to a single person for a month. I have been cooking all my life and if anyone out there thinks that a person can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on $6.25 a day I would like to know how. It is obtuse and an insult to the general public. Meanwhile all the wealthy people are eating their gourmet meals and could care less about the poor.

Of course it might help to get the insane nitwit out of the oval office. Never in my 72 years have I seen such a travesty of a president. He is an embarassment to the people, and I can only hope they remove him soon. Also the governor of Ohio needs to rethink a lot of things. What is really bad is Allen County. A county with a lot of poor and they could care less. Allen County overcharges on everything. The water department is the worst and I can definitely say crooked. I could go on and on, but I know nothing will change and that is a shame.

Kathy Burkholder, Lima

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