Letter: Sales tax sorely needed

The sales tax increase on the May ballot is a long overdue increase. When you consider how other surrounding counties as well as the whole state have higher tax than Allen County and have had for a long time, it seems like this should be a no brainer. If you look at surrounding counties, smaller than Allen, they have been able to build and renovate their county owned buildings, not to mention maintenance, which has been badly ignored for many years in Allen County.

So what’s the alternative: vote down the increase and allow our County owned facilites to deturate more, and let the economy suffer as well. A sales tax is the most fair way to go, everyone benefits, everyone pays.

If you are against the increase, talk to one of our commissioners. They have a very clear picture of the needs for Allen County. I commend Commissioners Greg Sneary, Jay Begg and Cory Noonan for the work they put into this tax plan.

Joan and Robert Ricker, Delphos

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