Traveling thehighway of life

I want to comment on how fortunate we are to have gentlemen with the skills of John Grindrod and Bob Seggerson writing in The Lima News.

I thought their articles complimented each other on March 21.

I assume we all let our thoughts drift back to those salad days of our youth and lessons learned. For better or worse we parents were determined to make it easier for our children. The value of hard work should not be underestimated.

We did assign chores on Saturday that were required to be completed before their other plans for the day. I would occassionally take my son with me to do minor repairs in a couple of apartments we owned. I would tell Craig this was good experience as he would get a jump on his friends in being able to do certain jobs.

One day it started to rain. I said let’s go Craig, we’re going to put some fertilizer on the yard. Since it was raining we couldn’t use the spreader, so I directed him to reach in the small bucket and throw it in the yard to spread evenly. As we were accomplishing this as well as possible, he asked me if this was one of those jobs where he was getting a jump on those other kids. I assured him it was.

My daughter Missy wanted to go to a football game. It didn’t happen until she cleaned her bedroom closet.

I am reminded of a saying: “As you travel the highway of life, if you choose to go the “extra mile,” you will never encounter a traffic jam.

Thanks again to the aforementioned writers. I miss Mike Lackey, too.

Doug Harris, Lima

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