Letter: Don’t allow crib to career education

When the people you associate with and your words don’t match your actions, it is time for caution. The Cheryl Buckland campaign for 83rd District seat demonstrates this point. She may be a nice person with experience because of age and work, but she does not tell truthful things about her opponent’s campaign.

Her phone calls and ads say that Jon Cross is a California liberal, even though he was born, raised and lives in Kenton. His past experiences living in other states gives him a broader base of experience for any job. Buckland chooses to associate with Reps. Bill Reineke and Ryan Smith who are involved in campaigning for her. They are all heavily tied in with Governor Kasich, who is seen regularly on CNN, a very liberal network.

Here is the danger. Ohio Reps Reineke, Blessing III, and Pelanda, have introduced legislation (HB 512) to consolidate three education departments to be combined into a new Department of Learning and Achievement. The director would be appointed by Gov. Kasich. The fundamental concern with HB512 is the transfer of authority of all regulations governing the education of all Ohio students from a State Board of Education that has elected representation to the unelected Director of a new mega agency – the Department of Learning and Achievement. In other words crib to career education by the state without representation by the people.

Will you vote for someone who associates with individuals willing to take away your rights and turn them over to the state or will you give a new, younger, conservative a chance who wants to keep rights reserved to the people?

Linda Bishop, Findlay

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