Letter: Your chance to help Elida students

We are asking you to join us as we both vote “Yes” for the new Elida Elementary building. We had the honor of working in the old Elida High School and now have the privilege of working in the new building. We can tell you firsthand what a difference a new building makes for our students and staff:

• No longer do we have to worry about 50-degree temperature swings inside the building during a school day.

• No longer do we have to stop teaching to swat at a swarm of hornets.

• No longer do our students have to walk outside when switching classes.

• No longer do we worry about an intruder using any one of the 27 entrances.

• No longer do we have to worry about restrooms not having hot water.

• No longer do we have to worry about breathing in harmful materials, such as asbestos.

Thank you to everyone who voted “Yes” for our high school students’ futures. They are doing some phenomenal things inside the new building that you provided for them. What about our elementary students? They have been extremely patient and deserve a modern building.

• They deserve a controlled climate and dependable power sources.

• They deserve to eat in a lunch room and not a dimly-lit gymnasium.

• They deserve to be in a cohesive learning environment instead of walking in and out of modulars all throughout the day, even in inclement weather.

• They deserve flexible learning spaces.

They deserve parents who are relaxed during pick up time because there is more space for parking.

Join us in voting “Yes” for the new Elida Elementary building because our students deserve it.

Jeff and Amy Amspoker, Elida

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