Letter: Veteran getting what he deserves

I just finished an article in The Lima News about an Army veteran who has been in the U.S. since age 8 and is being deported after a prison stint.


If you do not read any further you must surely think that this person has been unjustly handled by our ICE agents and our immigration laws. After all he served two tours in Afghanistan. Does that not make him a true American Hero?

Well, how many American heroes hand a lap top containing 4.4 pounds of cocaine to an undercover DEA agent? That 4.4 pounds could be made into thousands of crack rocks that would in turn destroy how many young lives? Should we feel sorry for Miguel Perez Jr.?

I surely think not.

Any good he may have done for this country while he was in the Army was more than destroyed by his drug trafficking. Of course the AP has included a photo of his mother sobbing over the fate of her son. And after all he is from Chicago — the murder capitol of our country, a Sanctuary City. So I suppose we should just let him finish his prison sentence and let him stay in the country he has betrayed.

I think not.

Good riddance to another drug trafficker.

Kenneth E Harris, Lima

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