Letter: Hair salons don’t need makeover

The Ohio House of Representatives soon will vote soon on HB 189, which makes sweeping education reductions in all disciplines of cosmetology. It eliminates a number of licenses and literally affects every person in Ohio who visits salons.

One would think when a state agency is considering massive change, licensees would be informed in advance. Such is not the current case.

An organization known as the Ohio Salon Association is sponsoring the legislation. The OSA does not represent me, the majority — small single unit establishments.

The Ohio Salon Association founders are owners of corporate salons and national chains trying to use legislation to serve their business models: the need for schools to quickly pump out a high volume of basic, entry level, low-wage workers.

We want our education, we want our hours, and we want our option for advanced licensure! We are thriving as is! Over 3,000 people in the industry submitted opposition testimony to fight this big business bill. We don’t want what the OSA is pushing!

Small businesses like mine rely on the schools to produce highly skilled graduates because we can’t afford the built-in training infrastructure that corporate salons and national chain salon owners have at their fingertips.

Licensees I’ve met feel it’s an astounding conflict of interest that the designers of this bill (major players in the Ohio market) are members of our state board and govern our licensure, while pushing their self-serving agenda.

The legislation is at a point where only House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger can prevent HB 189 from moving forward to a full house vote. He can be contacted at: 614 466 3506 or by email: rep91@ohiohouse.gov

Wezlynn VanDyke Davis, Delaware, Ohio

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