Letter: Don’t tinker with system

All Ohioans should know about a power grab in Ohio. Representative Bill Reineke of Tiffin representing Sandusky and Seneca counties has introduced legislation (HB 512) to consolidate three education departments to be combined into a new Department of Learning and Achievement. The director would be appointed by Governor Kasich. The legislation retains the state superintendent and the state school board, but takes away most of their power. Currently the state school board consists of 19 members of which the governor appoints eight already. We the people are able to elect 11 of them.

With passage of this bill we will no longer have a voice concerning education.

Representative Reineke’s statist thinking believes crib to career or birth to work demands a unified approach. State control of the education system not only raises the question of who shall teach, but who shall have stewardship over the child—the parents or the state. Think Common Core!

Throughout history, rulers have aspired to use the educational system to shape their nations and getting government agents through the door at birth is key to preparing them to be obedient and compliant taxpayers with the proper reverence to the ruling class.

According to Judeo-Christian ethic, the family is the most fundamental social unit of civilization with the responsibility of bringing up the child. Rightfully, critics of the merger fear a “mega-agency” that would diminish the role of educators, parents, families and the general public in making Ohio’s education policy.

Please call your Ohio Representatives and Senators and ask them to please oppose HB512 because Ohioans have the right to vote for and have state school board members who represent them.

Linda Bishop, Findlay

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