Letter: America needed me but I failed her

Dear America:

I am so sorry that I and a lot of other people have failed you. Years go I and many others let “one” woman take prayer out of school.

If only …

Later on we were not allowed to have any kind of Christian artifacts in or around government buildings. These things were just a start to other things.

Just think of all the sex and violence that is put before our kids every day in the games they play, on TV and in the movies. Violence has become a way of life in this world. It scares me to death.

Then there is all the drugs available to anyone who can buy them. Some people would rather buy drugs than food for their family. It makes me ill to think of the kids that go hungry every day. I wish I were rich and could help those in need.

We need prayer back in school. Some kids don’t know about God because their parents don’t care. I cannot believe God will wait much longer before he comes back. Maybe he hopes just one more person can be saved before it’s too late.

I hope so.

Lucille Baker, Elida

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