Letter: Hypocritical inaction by GOP

Why the stone-cold silence from the GOP Leadership on President Trump’s actions?

Are there no statesmen or stateswomen in the Republican Party?

If a Democratic president were doing half the things that the current White House occupant has done, or is doing, the GOP’s collective heads would explode. Trump seems to be getting a pass for all his infidelities and constitution-violating actions by the very same group that impeached President Clinton for far less.

Why the silence?

It’s all summed up in one word — “power.” The GOP owns all three branches of government and wants to keep that power, the Constitution be damned. I dare anyone to say that the GOP would be this feckless if the Democrats were in charge of the government. That can all be summed up in one word, “hypocritical;” which is the only word to describe the inaction by the so-called “Family Values” and “Law and Order” party.

Larry Donaldson, Elida

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