Letter: Encore’s “Almost, Maine” is beyond almost good!

The audience of Encore Theater’s opening night of “Almost, Maine” became an un-credited character when their laughter pushed the storylines of the romantic comedy in hilarious directions.

The play covers a number of short stories that all take place on the same night in a fictitious town in Maine and all of them have similar storyline aspects that play out in one way or another, including new love, lost love, missed opportunity and some surprises as well.

From the cast, crew, sets, direction, and especially the special effects of stars and northern lights, this sweet comedy has it all, and many times you could hear audience members talking out loud when the realization of where storylines were going dawned on them.

This is not a big show, a flashy musical or well-known material. This is an opportunity to experience something new, and more times than not, you realize where the story has taken you just before the lights fade and the next story starts.

Kudos to the cast and crew of “Almost, Maine” for choosing to do this show and for doing it so well. Director Jeff Kerr and company worked very hard to bring the stars down from the night sky and onto the stage, and with this cast, he did just that. Thank you for a wonderful night of entertainment!

The show runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from March 9th to March 18th. Friday and Saturday shows are at 8 pm. Sunday shows are at 2 pm.

Jim Patton, Elida

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