Letter: Islam is not a religion

This is in response to Al O’Dell’s letter March 5th “Belief Systems Help Us Thrive.”

O’Dell erroneously listed Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as the three major monotheistic religions. Judaism is approximately 9th. Hinduism and Buddhism each have hundreds of millions more practitioners than Judaism.

O’Dell also mistakenly lumps all ideologies together claiming they are similar unifying and thriving agents. There’s one big problem: Islam is not a religion. It is a political cult aimed at taking over the world, eliminating all religions, and brainwashing and dictating its will. Obviously, you are one of its unfortunate victims. Dictating, relegating women to subservient levels, and allowing millions of Jihad radicals to behead all non-believing infidels is not unifying nor thriving.

Tom Riegle, Lima

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