Letter: Common sense gun control

What is common sense gun control? Is it banning the five- to 10 million AR-15 rifles that the National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates are owned in the United States. That’s a small share of the roughly 300 million firearms owned by Americans. If banned, what would happen to these guns? Does anybody believe that people would turn them in or sell to the government? Some would, but what about the rest? How would we handle the black market? The black-market would flourish as do illegal drugs today.

A while back it was common for schools to have shooting clubs. Even in New York City, virtually every public high school had a shooting club up until 1969. It was common for high school students to take their guns with them to school on the subways in the morning and turn them over to their homeroom teacher or the gym coach so the guns would simply be out of the way. After school, students would pick up their guns when it was time for practice. Guns were available so why wasn’t there gun violence? Shooting clubs, disappearing, were a popular part of American high-school life. In the first half of the 20th century they were regularly installed in the basements of new educational buildings. Now, they are all but gone, victims of political correctness, a willful misunderstanding of what is gun safety, and tendency to sue for any reason.

There is no easy answer. The answer will not come from emotion, political shenanigans, or any other group that believes they have all the answers. We cannot “just do something.” It must be something that will solve the problem. Most politicians are only concerned if it will get him/her votes. Stop worrying about votes and personal importance and worry about what will work for our people.

Bob Amstutz, Bluffton


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