Letter: A resource to stop school violence

Our schools have become free fire zones. The “No Guns Allowed” signs on the door are just invitations to enter and begin shooting. Maniacs do not pick police stations to start a shooting gallery. Too much competition. Instead they pick on innocents.

Consider this as a possible solution. In Ohio there are tens of thousands of concealed carry license holders. These law-abiding citizens have already passed a background check. They have already taken firearms training courses and they know how to handle guns in a safe manner. They have been trained in laws concerning how to legally defend themselves and others.

I’d bet a great number of them would volunteer some of their time to hang out in schools, carrying a concealed weapon, performing small tasks to help around school but being a counter force to the wolves that would prey on our children. They would know not to announce that they had a gun.

If this force became organized nationally into something similar to the Peace Corps, with training on how to counter the threats of school shooting, across the U.S., millions would volunteer. Costs could be kept to a minimum.

It’s just a germ of an idea, but I know this: If I had been allowed inside the Palmdale school, carrying my pistol, I would have tried to put a stop to the killing as soon as I heard the first bang.

This is a serious subject and perhaps I have not thought it through enough, but something has to be done. Repealing the 2nd Amendment is not the answer. Armed policemen in our schools are not the answer. That is too expensive and all a shooter would need to do is kill the officer first.

Martin Schultheis, Lima

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