Letter: Commissioners speak with forked tongues

I am very concerned about the double speak coming from the Allen County commissioners.

On Jan. 16, it was reported that the county commissioners planned on placing on the May ballot a 0.2 percent sales tax to pay for increasing maintenance and structural costs of aging county-owned properties.

The sales tax increase would raise $3.5 million annually over a period of 10 years, which would pay for capital costs at four different buildings — a new Allen County Juvenile Detention Center, renovations to the Allen County Courthouse, a new County Engineer’s office facility and new county administrative office.

Now on Feb. 15, it is being reported from a commissioners meeting with Allen County Engineer Brion Rhodes about how funds generated through the sales tax will help with infrastructure projects through his department. The sales tax is expected to bring in $3.5 million a year. Commissioners say $2.5 million will go towards major structural projects and $1 million will be used for other capital needs, including roads and bridges.

Is this money going to be used solely for increasing maintenance and structural costs of aging county-owned properties, or are we going to fund other things also. If the latter is true, then how can we believe that it will “only” be for 10 years?

James Gillen, Lima

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