Letter: Don’t fall for Amazon’s testimony on turbines

Amazon recently testified, in front of the Ohio legislature, that it supports a bill that would significantly shorten the distance between an industrial wind turbine and your home. Residents in Van Wert suffer consequences at much larger distances. Turbines are exploding in size, now eclipsing almost 700 feet with blades that spin in excess of 90 mph at the tips.

This bill and Amazon, specifically, called for these changes in the “Ohio Wind Corridor.” What is that? It was a proposed area in 2016 that encompasses 30 counties in Northwest Ohio! Allen County is smack dab in the middle. If you don’t want the intrusion of these machines in your lives, devaluing your property and wreaking havoc in your lives, then you had better contact Ohio representatives now.

Amazon is un-American due to its support for stripping private property rights in the name of “green energy” projects that are unreliable, uneconomic and which rely on the middle class and poor tax dollars (through subsidy) to line the pockets of the foreign developers. Amazon has become a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Dawn Davis



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