Letter: Baugh was a role model to all who got to know him

I was not aware of Jim Baugh’s passing. He was a great athlete but an even better man.

He was one of my sports heroes as I was growing up as a junior high athlete at Perry in Lima. He would encourage me when he was showing leadership to young men at the Lima YMCA, which my wonderful uncle, Basil VanSchoyck, a great athlete himself, purchased a pass for me back then.

Since we had no high school sports ourselves at that time and my great athlete cousin Vance Shuman was performing at South and Lima Senior, I attended all of Lima Senior’s football and basketball games, being able to watch guys like Jerry Lucas.

I suppose that I tried but mostly fell short of being the kind of role model for young athletes as Jimmy Baugh had been for guys like myself and my friends, such as John Barcus, Ricky Dick, Bill West, Bill Brown and many others.

Paul W. “Bill” Vance

Florence, Kentucky


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