Letter: Concerning light sentence for dumping tires in Lima


I’m writing this in reference to the story about a man dumping tires in south Lima.

I don’t know the laws, but I wonder why the sentence was so easy on such an act. We in the south end of Lima have been fighting such acts for years. There have been many improvements to the area, with families moving back to the area wanting to raise their families.

As president of our neighborhood association, I had to comment on the article. We have worked extremely hard to stop the dumping of unwanted items being brought out to the area and junk cars. When the judge gave such a lenient sentence, I’m hoping this light sentence doesn’t send a message to the citizens of Lima and Allen County that they can dump in the south end.

We want our young people and residents to be proud of their homes and area.Would they have gotten such a light sentence if they dumped in any other area of Lima/Allen County? You be the judge.

Mary Williamson



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