Letter: Time to clean house at Justice, the FBI

In light of the House Intelligence Committees release of “The Memo,” I must refer to an editorial from Bloomberg News which was published last month in The Lima News that urged that the Trump Administration not “politicize the Justice Department.”

Since we now know of the total politicization of the Justice Department under the Obama Administration and the group efforts of the FBI and Justice operatives to aid the Clinton campaign and prevent Donald Trump from becoming president, that editorial is totally laughable.

Only a complete idiot would doubt what the DNC, FBI and their allies in the Justice Department have been doing for the last two years.

What we need now is a wholesale house-cleaning in the Justice Department and especially the FBI. Robert Mueller and company should be fired, and the current assistant attorney general who hired him should be prosecuted. Add to that the other accomplices, namely Comey, Struck, his girlfriend, Hilary Clinton, and everyone else who had a hand in this crime.

There is no way our country will ever have confidence in the FBI or the Justice Department until they are cleaned up.

Kenneth E. Harris



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