Letter: Ignore partisan, baseless attacks on Huffman

Attacks on the good character of Sen. Matt Huffman remind me of attacks the Left made on President Trump when an indiscreet private remark was publicized. Wanting to destroy Trump, Washington editors withheld what they pretended was a big story until they thought it would do the most damage. Voters disagreed.

In the end, Hillary received 43 percent of the white female vote, while the “deplorable” Mr. Trump won 53 percent. Not close! Here in Allen County, where common sense prevails, Trump beat Hillary two-to-one. So much for the idea that people will change their vote because of a politician’s salty remark.

The hypocrisy of the leftist media — whenever they make an attempt at character assassination — is quite thick. We read all this sanctimonious finger pointing from people who have undoubtedly made many inappropriate remarks — as we all have at various times — from people in no position to cast the first stone.

These people should review a few of Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s crude remarks. Winston Churchill could be quite raunchy as well. Was he then of bad character? Should he have stepped down every time some spiteful little person tattled on him?

In a smear campaign like this, we need to support our talented state senator. Huffman is great on constituent services and on getting things done for the conservative cause. He’s a leader, and we’re fortunate to have Matt representing us in the Statehouse. Sen. Huffman is helping Make America Great Again.

Michael Heaphy



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