Letter: Facts are facts when it comes to Jordan

I recently wrote a letter detaining my feelings about our congressional representative, and some people have taken issue with it. That is fine, and it is part of what has always made America great. But facts are facts, and they are an essential in any debate.

I did not insinuate Mr. Jordan was a neanderthal; I said that is what fellow Republicans thought of him.

As to Hillary Rodham Clinton being “a bastion of innocence,” what I said was that she was investigated by seven Republican-chaired Congressional committees, and all they found was a private email server.

Jim Comey has worked for a company that donated to the Clinton Foundation, which is as close as he has gotten to their payroll. His brother did work for a company that audited some Clinton Foundation finances.

As for stonewalling, how about leaving a vacancy on the Supreme Court for a year. And that is in contradiction to Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution.

Clarence C. Roller



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