Letter: Word weaponization for political purposes

A roast held at the Columbus Athletic Club has left lawmakers Huffman and Seitz embroiled in a swirl of sexual harassment claims by several women who did not attend.

Candice Keller, not in attendance, made this statement to the Dayton Daily News: “Apparently, the present culture of racism and sexual assault in our culture has not changed the conversation enough, even in Ohio’s legislature.”

My research has unearthed the horrid comments, setting women’s rights back by hundreds of years: Tin-foil hat. Just think Candice Keller but more outspoken.

You heard it here, we can only hope women far and wide are on the road to recovery! For those who may not be able to infer, that is my sarcasm! How do they feel about the Women’s March attire…those stunning pink hats?

This reeks of political weaponization of words, innuendo and now acronyms. The GOP historically caves when racism and sexual harassment are mentioned, and this is just another covert attempt to usurp our election process.

Here is some advice to the GOP from your voter: My tax dollars will be spent to investigate these allegations by women present and not present and the men involved. Publish your findings. We, the people, will decide the fate of all involved.

The weaponization of words, innuendo and thought has to stop. You have to stop falling prey to these individuals whose racism and sexual assault claims are used as a political tool.

To all who have been true victims, I apologize for the despicable behavior of those who are making a mockery of what you have had to face!

LuAnn Lause



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