Letter: Constitution binds Trump to investigate Russian links

I know to all the Trump supporters in the area, this will seem like a broken record: Donald Trump is breaking his constitutional oath of office every day that he doesn’t put country above ego.

The Russian government hacked our democracy when they used social media to electronically disseminated pro-Trump, anti-Clinton propaganda during the 2016 election. And our thin-skinned, ego-sensitive president cannot seem to separate the fact that he won the election, but a foreign government attacked us and our way of life, and it’s his constitutional duty to react to it.

Our president, instead of using the federal legal institutions to thwart another attack is, instead, doing everything in his power to belittle, attack and degrade these very institutions that are in place to keep our democracy intact. Our president’s ego is so fragile that he cannot get to a place where he can use all of the cyber capabilities he has at his disposal to make sure that this kind of attack can never happen again.

He’s not alone in this. The GOP leadership is actively assisting him by calling for investigations of these very same institutions. I suppose if you divert attention long enough and keep repeating one lie after another, eventually people will believe it.

Of course, this is one truth, when the real reason for Trump’s lack of action against the Russian attackers could be due to Trump’s financial connection to Russia (admitted to by his son, Eric). And, the fact he owes that government and will do anything in his power to keep the Justice Department’s special council from getting to the bottom of that connection.

Now let’s hear from the other broken records: all the pro-Trump bloggers.

Larry Donaldson



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